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The Objectives of the Institute, as a think-tank on foreign policy

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The Nigerian Institute of International Affairs was established in 1961, with the aim of providing a nursery of ideas on what direction Nigeria should take on international affairs. Since inception, the Institute has been organising Conferences, Roundtables and Lectures. These are aimed at addressing current foreign policy issues and anticipating others still on the horizon.  The Institute is a specialised instrument of foreign policy formulation in Nigeria. It serves as an intellectual base upon which decision-makers rely for informed opinion and expert advice in order to make rational choices between contending policy options.

Testimonials of the Founding Fathers

“If Nigeria is to acquit herself honourably and to take her rightful place in resurgent Africa, she requires to be fully informed on the world of today, which is one of the paramount functions of the Institute”

Sir Tafawa Balewa

“The Nigerian Institute of International Affairs hope to work simultaneously on three levels – as a Nigerian Institute in Lagos, an African Institute in Nigeria and a world Institute in Africa – providing a meeting ground for people of all nations and a rich soil for the cross-fertilization of their minds”

Sir Adetokunbo Ademola

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