Security and Strategic Studies

The Division of Security and Strategic Studies was established to provide informed policy advice to government and enlightenment to the public on security and defense matters. It also through Conferences, Seminars, Roundtables, Public Lectures, Workshops and publications provide materials on the security situation and challenges in the country, the sub-region and Africa and, to stake-holders in the international system. Another area of the work of the Division is on Conflict Management and Resolution, Peacekeeping, Humanitarian aspects of conflicts and Post-conflict Peace Building. Most conflicts in Africa today are due to poor governance, identity issues, lack of access to governance of resources, marginalization and problems associated with political succession. Accordingly, the Division of Security and Strategic Studies focuses its research agenda on these issues. Closely related to conflict is the issue of humanitarian emergencies which create internal displacement and refugee problems.

The above also determine the philosophy of the Division on security generally and the relationship between security and development and the resulting security sector reforms. The challenges of development do in themselves also generate the kind of situation that undermines peace and stability. Accordingly, security is not seen as a narrow and static concept, but as dynamic issue with very great implications for society at large. Thus, while the Division recognizes the traditional military threats to security, it also recognizes the existence and importance of non-military threats to peace and stability.